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Preparing a SACSCOC Compliance Certification, Focused Report, or Substantive Change Prospectus?


Upcoming Fifth Year and QEP Impact Report?

Monitoring Report needing review?

Marty Smith Sharpe can provide professional and effective services to best represent your college or university.

Experienced senior university administrator, accreditation consultant, accreditation agency board member with a track record of accomplishment in the areas of regional and specialized accreditation, institutional effectiveness and program evaluation.

Institutional Accreditation


Specialized Accreditation Board Member and Officer

Experienced Academic and Accreditation Administrator

Accreditation News

Fight on State Authorization

March 26 | Inside Higher Education  

Regional Accreditors Align Actions

April 10 | Inside Higher Education 





Demands on accreditation agencies, institutions and programs have increased over the past several years.  Despite recent concerns about college costs, the public continues to value college education and to rely on accreditation as assurance of quality.

Self-Study writing  and editing
Gathering evidence to demonstrate compliance
Analysis of accrediting agency policy and revision
Development of training and decision making materials
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