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SACSCOC Accreditation Support

As Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Dr. Marty Smith Sharpe successfully led a 10-year Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) reaffirmation process for Old Dominion University with 100% complance with standards and requirements. 


Marty partners with other colleges and universities to support all SACSCOC accreditation-related activities to include:


  • Collaborate with institutions to develop appropriate internal processes to support the entire SACSCOC reaffirmation process and Fifth Year Report

  • Provide workshops to prepare institutional faculty and staff for the Compliance Certification writing process

  • Edit and improve documents including the Compliance Certification, Focused Reports, Response Reports, Monitoring Reports, Fifth Year Reports, QEP Impact Reports and other compliance documents

  • Assist in craft Substantive Change prospectuses, including level change, new off-campus locations, new academic programs, and joint programs with other institutions.

  • Analyze the structure of the narrative case for compliance and review for completeness and adequacy of evidence provided

  • Edit documents and evidence in popular web-based accreditation repositories like Compliance Assist, Xitracs, and Weave Affirm

  • Analyze institutional policy in light of SACSCOC standards and criteria

  • Assist in structuring SACSCOC on-site review process and advise on techniques assuring success


Dr. Sharpe also has experience with accreditation reviews in other regions and in program-level specialized accreditation and compliance.

Institutional Effectiveness - As the long time leader of an Institutional Effectiveness operation, Dr. Sharpe is experienced in the development of assessment plans and reports for all academic programs and administrative areas.  Further she participated in the development of of general education assessment, academic program review, and an integrated planning and budgeting process.​

Accreditation Data and Supporting Evidence - As an institutional researcher, Dr. Sharpe has experience overseeing data collection and analysis to support compliance with various accreditation standards in the areas of faculty credentials, adequacy of faculty, enrollment, distance education, student achievement, facilities, course completion and student success.

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